Oooguruk Development Project

The award-winning Oooguruk Development Project (“Oooguruk”) is located in State of Alaska waters in the Beaufort Sea, and was the first field in the history of Alaska’s North Slope to be operated by an independent company. The project was brought from exploration to development in just five short years – a time record for the North Slope. This is a testament to the team’s operational focus and strong working relations with government agencies, local communities, and other stakeholders.

With an estimated net potential of 100-150 MMBO, Oooguruk has produced more than 25 million barrels of oil (gross) and over $55 million in royalties to Alaska since it began production in 2008. Caelus is the 70 percent working-interest owner and operator of Oooguruk. The project continues to develop the various reservoirs which can be reached from the island drill site. Caelus and its operations team continue to implement better processes and take advantage of leading technologies to maximize the reservoir potential and improve production.

The Oooguruk unit includes a six-acre gravel island in the nearshore waters of Harrison Bay and a subsea flowline bundle connecting to an onshore tie-in pad, which delivers Oooguruk production to the Kuparuk River Unit for processing and delivery. Oooguruk is an Inupiaq word meaning “bearded seal.”