Pat Foley

Senior Vice President, Alaska Operations

Mr. Foley, a distinguished graduate of The University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business (1980), serves as the Senior Vice President of Alaska operations for Caelus Energy, LLC.  Previously he was President of Pioneer Natural Resources Alaska, since May 2013, and Manager of Land and External Affairs for the Company since January of 2004.

Mr. Foley joined Pioneer in 2004 after helping the company establish its business in Alaska as a land, commercial, and regulatory consultant.  He held varying positions with Atlantic Richfield Company beginning in 1980, serving roles in Land, Regulatory Affairs, Strategic Planning, Commercial Business, and International Negotiations.  In total, he has twenty-three years’ experience in Alaska.  His international experience includes oversight of negotiations in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad, and Venezuela.

Mr. Foley serves on the Board of Directors for local trade organizations, which include the Alaska Oil and Gas Association (“AOGA”).  He has established an extensive network of business and personal relationships with industry peers, government regulators, state legislators, and native leaders throughout Alaska.